A satiric term for the merging of December holiday traditions within a mixed-faith family, or by a person who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. Chrismukkah is also an ironic, alternative winter holiday, much like the Seinfeld-derived "Festivus."

The term has been used by some in the Jewish community as a wry commentary on the growing commercialization of Hanukkah in reaction to the dominance of Christmas in American culture.

In 2005, the Jewish Museum of Berlin presented a show called Chrismukkah and sourced it's origin to assimilated German-Jews of the late 1800s who called the holiday "Weihnukkah." Weihnachten is the German word for Christmas.

In the United States, Chrismukkah caught on in the late 1990s after a faux press release written by school teacher Michael Nathanson was read on NPR's Car Talk. It was widely circulated through email and Internet joke websites. Chrismukkah gained pop-culture fame after being featured in the FOX television program The O.C. A character Seth Cohen is often mistakenly credited with "inventing" Chrismukkah.

Extracto de un diccionario urbano de alguna urbe de algún lado.

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